StockDirect Marketing Services

StockDirect are specialists in OTH options, forward contracting and paddock sales direct to feedlots and live exporters. Our strong relationships with the major buyers allow us to achieve consistently strong results.

Leverage our network of buyers and participate in collective marketing strategies (when opportunities arise) to earn above advertised rates for your livestock.

Collective Marketing/ Livestock Tenders

Collective marketing strategies are a way in which producers can gain greater leverage and bargaining power. The livestock marketplace is extremely fragmented and opaque which is why we believe in the age-old concept of ‘unity is strength’.

StockDirect can combine similar lines of livestock between producers to create larger parcels to generate greater competition and achieve better returns. We can offer collective marketing options on;

  • Feeder Steers/ Heifers

  • Trade Lambs

  • Export lambs

  • Mutton

  • Forward contracts (Lambs/ Feeder Steers)

Backgrounding Coordination

Through our network of producers and advisors we can help producers source backgrounding opportunities for weaner cattle.

Placing Stock: Coordination of backgrounding options throughout the eastern seaboard, on an agreed $/kg rate.

Taking on Backgrounders: when looking to build or rebuild your livestock numbers backgrounding offers a low risk, low cost, low capital alternative than buying in livestock- and can often be more profitable!

Market Information

Our weekly market insights email keeps you up to date with the latest market intelligence and trends to assist with your livestock marketing decisions. We breakdown complicated information and put it into an easy to read summary so that you can ‘turn down the noise’ and make better informed marketing decisions.

Livestock Finance

We can provide an alternate way to purchase livestock without using cash reserves through our Agribusiness finance partners.