Our Vision & Mission

StockDirect is an innovative company established to enhance producer returns through leveraging technology and challenging the status quo.

Our Mission

We recognise that Australian livestock producers operate in a high cost environment and sell into an increasingly competitive global market. Innovation is necessary to reduce value chain costs and improve producer profitability. StockDirect is investing in new technology and systems that will greatly reduce supply chain costs and allow producers to achieve price premiums.

By streamlining the current farm gate to end user value chain, it will dramatically improve the sustainability and profitability of the red meat industry, with the opportunity to reduce value chain costs by in excess of $300 million annually.

Our Vision

StockDirect’s vision is to be a pioneer in livestock marketing, with a focus on driving change for the better.

Our platform will drive improvements in productivity by enabling the move away from saleyards and price averaging systems towards a future of electronic data exchange capability systems. The platform will become a centralised database for suppliers to keep track of all your paperwork and sales records.

Industry leadership and Change

“The biggest non-economic challenge facing our industry is cultural change. StockDirect is motivated to drive improved collaboration and transparency in a whole of supply chain approach”