Leonie O'Driscoll

Picture of Stockdirect founder Leonie O’Driscoll


E: lodriscoll@stockdirect.com.au
0428 473 694

Leonie is a specialist in agricultural commodity supply chain management with over fifteen years of experience in grain and livestock industries.   

Growing up on a mixed cereal and prime lamb operation in the Mallee of South Australia, Leonie has always had a keen interest in prime lamb production.  In some instances, when feedlotting lambs on her families farm, it was highlighted that for all the capital and production risk, profit margins captured were often less than selling costs.  This lead to Leonie challenging the current status quo and looking for improved opportunities to connect livestock producers and buyers in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

Leonie is driven to improve business processes for both producers and processors, and is dedicated to providing user friendly, easy to use and customer focused solutions. Many livestock producers are familiar with gaining market prices of other commodities online, and expect a highly professional experience – this is where Leonie see's the livestock industry moving towards. 

Leonie holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science from the University of Adelaide and a Graduate Diploma in Finance.  Leonie is also a graduate and member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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