We recognise that progressive livestock producers are looking at ways to embrace technology to reduce selling costs and make more informed marketing decisions. We provide the tools needed to help the astute livestock producer capture full value by; providing on-farm support, market intelligence and payment security. Livestock can be sold direct to processors, feedlots, live exporters and other producers through our network of buyers.

We are passionate about providing professional and tailored marketing advice, and accurate price discovery, which is complemented by our secure payment system.  

Our weekly market report provides up to date market intelligence and trends, helping you stay abreast with market movements so you can make informed marketing decisions. 

We have also been busy working with multiple buyers and processors aiming to bring you a unique digital experience and added competition for your livestock. Our client portal, currently for sheep and lamb grids, provides up to date price discovery all at your fingers tips. Our vision is to build out the platform to enable the transaction of livestock (between producers and processors) in a simple, secure and cost effective process.

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