Benefits of StockDirect

StockDirect is an innovative livestock MARKETING platform for professional producers to sell prime livestock, direct to buyers and processors.

We bring a high level of collaboration between supply chain participants, ensuring producers receive the highest returns by selling to the best value grid and processors only pay based on the carcase performance (weight and grade).

Benefits for producers:

  • Lower selling costs (less freight, no yard dues, handling fees).

  • Price transparency and price discovery.

  • Increased carcase performance feedback.

  • Del Credere payment insurance.

  • Up to date market commentary to make better marketing decisions.

Benefits for Buyers:

  • Remain anonymous, sellers can only see your grid prior to confirmation.

  • Increased market access by accessing a wider range of suppliers.

  • Procure livestock that meet your specifications.

  • Producer wears the quality and performance (yield) risk.

  • All livestock are procured on a delivered plant basis, reducing freight costs.

Benefits for ADVISERS AND Agents:

  • Centralised pricing on one platform, saving time chasing up buyers and waiting to receive prices.

  • Access to a broader range of buyers which can be analysed quickly and easily.

  • Up to date market commentary to provide better marketing advice.

  • Better client results and increased carcase data to provide to clients to improve future performance.

Benefits for Industry:

  • Reduced supply chain costs, making our industry more competitive against other proteins and producing nations.

  • Improved market efficiency through greater price transparency and market access.

  • Increased reporting of direct consignment prices and results.

  • Increased quality feedback to producers, providing objective data to improve carcase compliance and performance.

  • Accelerated adoption of objective measurement and livestock marketing.

  • Improved animal welfare outcomes.

  • World class supply chain with the highest level of traceability, audibility and food safety standards.